Grants & Scholarships

Scholarship funding for 2017 totaled $4,080 and grant funding for 2017-18 totaled $43,958.69.

The OTHS Endowment Fund awarded the following for the 2017-18 school year.

2017 OTHS Endowment Fund Scholarship to OTHS student Eboni Acoff   $1,000
2017 OTHS Endowment Fund Scholarship to OTHS student Lauren Cooper   $1,000
2017 OTHS Endowment Fund Scholarship in Memory of Dorothy S. Bosworth to OTHS student Joey Black   $1,000
2017 Summer School Scholarships for OTHS students   $1,080
54 Technology Items including Black Board Learn program, Surface Pros, Monitors for multiple departments   $21,565
30 TI-84 Graphing Calculators   $3,069
4 Human Skeleton Models for Science Department   $884
English Lab Pilot – Upgrade room with furniture and monitors   $1,000
SMART Board for Physics 1 and AP Physics 1   $1,144
Digital Collections & Unique Digital Research Experience for IMC   $8,000
Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Scholarships   $930
Rachel’s Challenge Program   $3,600
40 Dry Erase Student Boards   $95.96
Robotics Club Competition Fees/Preparation Costs   $750
Blizzard Program   $750
5 Breakout EDU kits to bring “Escape Room” concept into classroom curriculum   $625
2017 Total Solar Eclipse Field Trip   $400
Project Wisdom Rewards for Character Education   $750
Laboratory Equipment including Lenses Set and Tuning Forks Set for Science Department   $395.73