Grants & Scholarships

Scholarship funding for 2018 totaled $3,960 and grant funding for 2018-19 totaled $42,615.71.

The OTHS Endowment Fund awarded the following for the 2018-19 school year.

2018 OTHS Endowment Fund Scholarship to OTHS student Lonnie “Trey” Byrnside   $1,000
2018 OTHS Endowment Fund Scholarship to OTHS student Victoria Clinton   $1,000
2018 OTHS Endowment Fund Scholarship in Memory of Dorothy S. Bosworth to OTHS student Julianna Savin   $1,000
2018 Summer School Scholarships for 16 Summer School Classes for OTHS students   $960
26 Technology Items including Surface Pro 4’s, 24″ Monitors & Flat Screen Displays   $16,065
3D Scanner and 10.5″ iPad Pro to better utilize an existing 3D Printer   $1,148
28 Lenovo Chromebooks with Google Chrome for Finance, Marketing & Social Media Classes   $6,034
Hot Spot Devices for Student Checkout   $2,718.72
4 Vertical Rolling Stand Mirrors (4’x7′) for band and other athletics   $2,000
Statista Database for IMC – Statistical Data Available to All Students for Various Types of Research   $1,260
10 Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Scholarships   $930
Project Wisdom & Golden Paw Rewards for Character Education   $750
The Infinity Collection: Digital Resources Accessible 24/7 to All Students for IMC   $8,000
Robotics Team Competition Fees/Preparation Costs   $1,000
2019 Bands of America Grand Nationals and Super Regional Registration Fees for Band   $1,850
Build Your Own V8 Engine 3D Model for Honors Geometry   $59.99
12 Multimeters for Laboratory Equipment for the Science Dept   $800